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Bathroom Lighting: Types and Uses

Bathroom Lighting: Types and Uses

Vanity lights: Also known as bath bars, bath brackets, bath strips or vanity fixtures, this is the most well-known and commonly-used type of bath light. These are crafted in rows that hold more than 1 light—generally 2 to 5, with many styles coming in different sizes to fit bathrooms big and small—and are usually mounted right above the mirror in a bathroom. However, sometimes vanity strips are mounted on top of the mirror itself for an interesting reflective effect.

Sconces: These smaller fixtures are generally offered with just 1 light. They are great for mounting on both sides of a mirror to provide a better wash of light on your face as you stand at the mirror. Sconces can be used in any other small area that are in need of more brightness. They are often offered as part of a larger collection with matching bath vanity lights, too!

Pendants: These versatile fixtures can play a few different roles in a bathroom. Two mini pendants hung from the ceiling can serve the same purpose as wall-mounted sconces at the mirror. One large ceiling pendant mounted in the middle of the room can be a source of overhead ambient light.

Chandeliers: Believe it or not, some bathrooms are actually a perfect place to hang a chandelier for ambient lighting. They are a great way to add sparkle and elegance to a room that is often considered a spa-like escape or an inner sanctum. Since there are many different styles of chandelier, ranging from ornate and traditional to minimal and modern, there is a great chandelier for your bathroom.


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