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Four things to consider when purchasing light fixtures

Four things to consider when purchasing light fixtures

Hanging Fixtures
If you are hanging a light fixture, it's a good idea to know how long the wire and chain included are. Depending on the height of your area you are hanging the light, you may need more.

Maximum Wattage
Fixtures have bulb wattage limits. You should never use bulbs above the approved wattage limit. If you are unsure ask a professional.

Fixture Weight
If you are replacing an existing fixture, you shuold select one that is about the same weight. If you do purchase heavier fixtures make sure you take the extra weight into consideration.

Most fixtures are line voltage. There are a few like track lighting and under-cabinet lighting that operate off low voltage. I you have the latter, you will also need to purchase a transformer.


For more information about purchasing light fixtures, contact Pacific Lamp.