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Four great tips to help you when selecting your LED lightging

Four tips to help you when selecting your LED lightging

  1. Color of Light - Look for LED lights which have a "color temperature" of around 2700K. This will provide an inviting warm white light.
  2. Color Rendition - Choose LED lights which have a high CRI (color Rendition Index) of at least 90 to ensure they do not distort colors.
  3. Heat Management - I'm sure you have heard that LEDs do not produce heat... well they do. Your LED lights need thermal management to dissipate heat. This will help to maintain the life of the bulb as well as color consistency, and lumen output.
  4. Control - Planning how you will control your LED lighting is important. You should insure that your LEDs are dimmable, and be aware of the fact that some dimmers have different installation requirements.

Planning your LED lighting is not an easy task. Give the experts at Pacific Lamp a call and we will help you get started. Call 206-767-5334 now.