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Four Types of LED Lighting for Your Outdoor Living Area

Summer is here and that means more people are heading outdoors. The fun doen't have to stop when the sun goes down. Lighting your outdoor space with LED lighting is a safe and economical way to make use of your poutdoor space long into the evening.

Here are four different types of LED lighting solutions you may want to consider.

  1. Down Lights
    Shine LED down lights on areas ideal for outdoor entertaining. Recessed LED fixtures create a comfortable environment and add to your home’s safety and security.
  2. Wall Lanterns
    Like down lights, LED wall lanterns contribute to the mood of outdoor living areas. Make your guests feel at ease in your outdoor space by positioning wall lanterns around popular gathering spaces.
  3. Spotlights
    LED spotlights can be used to highlight architecture, gardens and key focal points of your landscape design. Spotlights also add visual intrigue to exterior areas, boosting curb appeal.
  4. Path Lights
    Guide guests along exterior pathways and steps using LED path lights.

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