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Light Bulb Packaging: What You Should Know

Light Bulb Packaging: What You Should Know

The front of a light bulb package must have

Each light package must have the following information printed on the front of the packaging:

Light Output (in lumens)
Lumens are a measurement of the light a bulb produces. To put things in perspective a 100 Watt bulb produces about 1600 lumens.

Energy Used (in watts)
This is the same as traditional light bulbs and is the amount of electricity a light bulb uses.

Life Hours This is the rated average life expentancy of the light bulb.

The back of your light bulb package is required to have a detailed listing of facts about the bulb. That label is required to have the light output (in lumens), yearly energy cost (estimated), life expectancy of bulb, light appearance (color temperature), energy used (in watts), and if the bulb contains mercury

On the Bulb
In addition to all of this, each bulb is required to have the brightness in lumens, and a mercury disclosure printed directly on the bulb.


For more information about reading light bulb packaging, contact Pacific Lamp.