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Line Voltage Power and the Life of Your Lamp

Line Voltage Power and the Life of Your Lamp

High power line voltage is a major cause of short lamp life. Using a voltage less than the rated lamp voltage will i ncrease lamp life but, reduce light output. Higher line voltages will reduce lamp life but, increase light output. The table below shows an example where a lamp at normal 120VAC line voltage would have a 75 hour life, however, if the line voltage increases to 130 VAC it will only last 28 hours.

Power Line Voltage vs. Light Output and Lamp Life

Line Voltage % of Light Output Lamp Life, Hours
115 87 130
120 100 75 (Rated Life)
125 115 45
130 130 28

Some lamps have a version for use where the power line is consistently higher than 120 volts. If your projector is equipped with a" high/low lamp" switch you can extend your average lamp life by using the "low lamp" position whenever possible. Also, some projectors are equipped with regulated power supplies that deliver the correct voltage to the lamp. This also extends the lamp life.


For more information about extending the life of your light bulbs, contact Pacific Lamp.