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Tips for Getting Your Task Lighting Right

Tips for Getting Your Task Lighting Right

When it comes to task lighting, Pacific Lamp & Supply can help you pick the right light for your space. Task lighting is the type of light you use when you read, write or study something up close. It's very important to get right so you can avoid eyestrain and other health issues.

Living Room: A nearby lamp where you sit and read or work will help to focus attention directly on your activity.

In Bed: When reading in bed you should have a great reading light. There is typically not a lot of light in your bedroomk, so making sure you get this right is important.

At Your Desk: A bright source of light right next to your computer may create a glare and defeats the purpose. Also try to avoid having a window directly behind the screen. A low to average light source throughout the room is best. Try to avoid complete darkness. That also can damage your eyes.


For more information about task lighting, contact Pacific Lamp.