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How do I know what kind of light bulb I need?

How do I know what kind of light bulb I need?

Your first step always should be to look for the ENERGY STAR label. It means that the bulb you're selecting is certified to save energy. ENERGY STAR bulbs are available in all shapes and sizes. If you cannot find one with this label it's ok, but you should always try to get an energy efficient bulb.

When considering what type of light bulb you need, it really comes down to location. Where is the light bulb going to go? Different fixtures require different bulbs. But there are still several options for each.

Here is a chart to help you select the best bulb for each fixture.


  Table or Floor Lamps Pendant Fixture Ceiling Fixture Ceiling Fans Wall Sconces Rcessed Cans Accent Lighting
Spiral  X X X X X    
Globe          X    
A-Shape X X X X X    
Candle    X X X X    
MR16    X       X X
Flood            X  
Spot           X  


For more information about finding the right light bukb, contact Pacific Lamp.