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Indoor and Outdoor Light Bulbs

Indoor and Outdoor Light Bulbs

The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor light bulbs is that outdoor light bulbs can withstand temperature changes and moisture. Indoor light bulbs should never be used in outdoor fittings. Although outdoor light bulbs can be used with some indoor light fittings, it is best that only indoor light bulbs be used for safety reasons.

Outdoor light bulbs are much more resilient than bulbs used indoors. In fact, you should be very careful about using indoor light bulbs in outdoor outlets, as many of them are not designed to withstand the elements (rain, snow, heat, cold temperatures) of the outdoors. To protect your lighting, please take a closer look at where various types of light bulbs can be used:


Incandescent flood light bulbs: These may be used inside or outside, as long as they are not in direct contact with water.

Halogen spotlights & flood light bulbs: These light bulbs may be used indoors or outdoors.

LED Lights: Light Emitting Diode or LED bulbs may be used indoors or outside.

Compact Fluorescent light bulbs: Some CFLs may be used outdoors, but you should be sure to check the maximum temperature the bulb can withstand.

Metal Halide light bulbs: These light bulbs are for indoor and outdoor use.

Xenon bulbs: Unless indicated on the package, these bulbs may be used indoors or outside.

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