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How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Media Room

How to Choose the Perfect Lighting for Your Media Room

Now that football season is underway, it’s time to make sure your media room is up to the task of hosting your friends and providing the best atmosphere for cheering on your team.

Reduce Glare on More Than Just Your TV
Lutron has conducted extensive research to determine how lighting and shading controls influence visual entertainment. Some people like to check their fantasy football teams or catch highlights on their laptops, tablets or smartphones while still watching the game on TV.

Glare from the amount of daylight can be overwhelming on these devices. The trick is to lower shades and dim overhead lights to make it easier to do these tasks.

Using different lighting layers is always the best option for media rooms. A single lighting layer could be fixtures that are of the same type. For example, one layer could be recessed lighting in the media room, another layer could be wall sconces, a third layer could be an integrated architectural lighting system such as a cove or niche.

Adding three layers of light, along with dimmers, gives homeowners the maximum level of control over their lighting, which effectively illuminates the room without too much glare.

Dim the Light to Your Personal Preference
Light fixtures such as pendants and glass globes tend to create bright spots in a room, which can be problematic for viewing television screens with direct glare and reflections on the glass. To create the perfect viewing atmosphere, try dimming light fixtures to a very low level. Your eyes should quickly adjust and adapt to the changes in light levels.

People tend to perceive smaller decreases in light level than what really changes. This means if you dim a light by what seems to be 30 percent in brightness, you will actually reduce the light level by as much as 90 percent. Not only do light dimmers allow you to create a media space to your liking, but, as an added bonus, they save energy as well.


For more information about Lighting for Your Media Room, contact Pacific Lamp.