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Three mistakes to avoid in restaurant lighting

Three mistakes to avoid in restaurant lighting

  1. The more the better? Not so in restaurant settings
    Everyone knows that one attractive element of LEDs stems from the ability to get more output using less energy. In a retail environment, those advantages are great. That's not always the case for restaurants, however.

    With dining, more lighting is not better. Most LEDs do not typically dim well at low levels If you don't have dimmers to help control the levels you are likely over lighting your space.

  2. Beware of unintended consequences from 'inexpensive, efficient lighting'
    Building off the point above, avoid lighting that improves energy efficiency but decreases the quality of the light that is so integral to food presentation. Food is as much about the presentation as it is the taste. If the true colors of the food are not represented well, it doesn't look appetizing and your customers aren't likely to enjoy their experience at your restaurant.

  3. Most LEDs dim differently than halogens, which can change the restaurant atmosphere.
    Until recently, LEDs did not dim with the same warm tones as traditional incandescent or halogen lighting. Most LEDs only have one color tone as they dim, unlike incandescent sources which actually change in color as they dim.


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