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Safety Tips for Installing Light Fixtures

Safety Tips for Installing Light Fixtures

Before Installation

  • Check your state and local codes before starting any project!
  • When you receive your package, open it immediately to ensure all of the parts are included in the box and intact. The instruction manual should include a diagram of all of the parts included with the fixture.
  • If there are fragile parts (e.g. glass globes), keep them in a safe place until installation--away from kids, pets, potential breakage and so on.
  • Check the existing junction box to be sure it can hold the weight of the new fixture. If in doubt, replace the junction box with one that is approved for the weight of your new fixture. Ceiling fans and heavy lights should always be supported by the ceiling joists.

Safety Tips

  • If you are inexperienced in electrical wiring or light fixture installation, or just feel like you can't complete the job yourself, always contact a licensed electrician!
  • ALWAYS shut off power to the circuit before attempting removal of an existing fixture or fixture installation. NEVER attempt to replace a fixture while the wire is "hot."
  • Be aware that even after the circuit has been switched off, there is a chance there may be live (hot) wires in the ceiling box. To ensure that all of the wires are off, use a circuit voltage tester (you can get these at any hardware store).
  • Never exceed the maximum wattage of the fixture. If you do, you could cause a fire.
  • Be sure that the junction box you are using can support the weight of the ceiling fan or fixture you are installing. If installing a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan, the hardware should always be mounted to the ceiling joists.
  • Always have a partner to assist you in mounting the fixture. Typically, one person needs to hold the fixture up while the other wires it, especially if the fixture is heavy.
  • Be sure to read the package instructions thoroughly before attempting assembly.
  • If installing a ceiling fan, be sure that the "safety" wire is in place.
  • Always follow your local codes concerning light fixture placement and installation.


    For more information about installing your light fixture, contact Pacific Lamp.