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8 Things to Remember to Help You Weather the Storm

8 Things to Remember to Help You Weather the Storm

If you're in the Great Northwest then you by know have heard about the storms coming. At Pacific Lamp We thought we would take some time and provide a few reminders and advice on what you may and may not want to do during a bad storm when the power goes out.

  1. Stay inside during thunderstorms and blizzards. Lightning, wind and ice can damage power lines, making them very dangerous. It's also a good idea to stay off the phone and computer during a storm too.
  2. Use flashlights instead of candles. Using candles during a storm can be a big fire hazard.
  3. Don't open the refrigerator or freezer unless you absolutely need to. Keeping the door closed as much as possible will make the food last longer.
  4. If your power goes out, notify the power company right away. The more calls or notifications they get, the faster they can find and fix the problem.
  5. Never use a gas appliance to keep warm. Using a gas appliance the wrong way can cause deadly carbon monoxide. Bundle up in layers of clothes instead.
  6. Unplug as many appliances as possible. This will help prevent damage when the power comes back on.
  7. Don't play near portable generators or heaters. This equipment is very dangerous, so stay far away.
  8. Stay away from damaged or downed power lines. Even utility workers can't tell if a power line is energized just by looking at it.


For information ways we can help you get prepared, contact Pacific Lamp.