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Lighting Your Outdoor Kitchen

Lighting Your Outdoor Kitchen

More and more people are converting their outdoor spaces into outdoor kitchens. From the smallest charcoal grill to an elaborate outdoor kitchen with everything, you have to be able to see what you are doing. Quality outdoor lighting is a must.

Here are a few thoughts we have about outdoor kitchen lighting...

Safety First
Hopefuly this first one goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. Make sure whatever type of lighting you choose, that it is damp/wet rated. Especially in the Pacific Northwest, it can get very wet during the winter months, so this is very important.

Task Lighting
Your grill/work area will need task lighting. There are several options for this. Depending on the size of your work area, you maybe able to use something as simple as a snap-on light. What you choose will ultimately depend on the size of grill/work area you have. Dimmers are another thing to consider, as they allow you take the focus off of the area and enjoy the rest of your outdoor space.

Shelf Lighting
A larger outdoor kitchen may want have lighting for the shelves and storage areas where dishes, pots, and pans are kept. An ideal solution for this is LED rope lighting. Make sure you choose a LED rope light that blends with the color temperature as the rest of your outdoor lighting.


For more information about lighting for your outdoor kitchen, contact Pacific Lamp.